Credilio partners with mTuzo to launch Novio

New Launch Alert ! Credilio (a leading Credit origination platform and network) launched Novio – a consumer facing mobile-app that helps Credit Card holders discover offers, savings and rewards from their preferred brands – both online and offline.

Novio has multiple interesting features including:

  • Apply for a Credit Card (from 100 options)
  • Deals Finder – to maximize savings on your existing cards
  • Brand Store – Savings from top brands on Gift Vouchers
  • SBM Credilio Secured Card – a guaranteed card issued against a Fixed Deposit
  • Check Credit Score for Free

Many of the exciting features on Novio app are powered through the mTuzo APIs. We are really excited to partner the growing base of Credilio/Novio consumers in getting the most out of their Credit Cards.

Explore the various mTuzo Offerings and the use-cases we can power for your customers.


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