Card benefits API

Get Cards Benefits API

Most of the credit and debit cards come with membership benefits including joining benefits, subscriptions, spend based rewards, cash back etc.

This API will help you pull out the unique benefits of an individual card including

  • Joining Benefits
  • Annual renewal benefits
  • CashBack (if any)
  • Reward points multiplier
  • Golf benefits
  • Lounge Benefits
  • Travel vouchers

API url : <baseURL>action=offers_near_me&clientkey=< clientkey >&clientpass=< clientpass >&apikey=< apikey >&user_latitude=< user latitude >&user_longitude=< user longitude >&cardcode = < individual specific card code>


  • action = get_card_benefits
  • clientkey = < client key >
  • clientpass= < client password >
  • apikey = < api key >
  • cardcode = < specific card code>Takes just one card code at a time


This API will return membership benefits for the specific card.

Card benefits API