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Card Offers APIs from mTuzo

mTuzo is the market leader for Debit and Credit Card Offers APIs. If you are a developer looking for card offers APIs, mTuzo is the best choice for multiple reasons (see last section of the post)

Card Offers APIs for Developers

Credit Card Offers API are the core of mTuzo platform.

These Card Offers APIs allow our partners to effortlessly power multiple use-cases like – offers-near-me, offer-details, Get-online-offers, report-offers-denied

The offers API have a standard base URL : typically something like<version>/<APItype>/find?

Currently there are 3 different APIs under offers which are

The multiple variants have been developed to provide a high level of flexibility and configuration options.

API Action Name Parameters
1 A Offers Near Me Bankcode + latlon
1 B Offers Near Me Bankcode + cityname
1 C CategoryOffers Bankcode + latlon + category
1 D CategoryOffers Bankcode + cityname + category
2 A OnlineOffers Bankcode + latlon
2 B OnlineOffers Bankcode + cityname
2 C OnlineOffers Bankcode + current location + tags
3 Offers Feedback Issue + userid + offercode + bankcode + outletcode

Choose the API and the specific variant(s) that you would want to use in your applications carefully. We have designed multiple variants after a detailed set of discussions and analysis with our potential partners.

Why Credit Card Offers APIs from mTuzo

mTuzo is a preferred partner for Credit Card Offers APIs because

  • Single API integration across all issuers and networks. If your customer base has cards across issuers (HDFC, Axis, ICICI, Kotak, RBL, SBI Cards) and networks (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners) – then to get the relevant offers would mean multiple integrations (if you do not choose mTuzo). Not every issuer, network has an offers API. Even if they had one, the formats are different and many do not have the level of data plumbing needed for your use-cases. With mTuzo integrate once and deploy.
  • Rich data plumbing. Offers keep changing frequently. It is imperative that the offers are not only up to date but also accurate. key aspects like voucher or coupon codes are available as separate fields. Expiry dates are captured etc etc. Our data feed has all the plumbing you would need.
  • APIs designed to mirror consumer journeys. We understand how a well designed API collection can mirror the specific steps in the customer journeys. E.g. you may want to show a screen with a list of offers within dining segment for a customer at a specific location. Sorted by proximity. Solved. Or Online Offers expiring soon. Newly launched offers. Solved.
  • Trusted partner. We have worked hard to earn the trust of our partners over the years. It has not only helped us enrich our offerings but also understand our partner’s requirements much better.

Contact us if you are building something around credit and debit cards.


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