mTuzo APIs can enable a powerful customer journey based on Offers-Near-ATM.

The challenge for most debit card issuers is that a big chunk of the “active” portfolio is only ATM active and POS inactive. I.e. the customers use their debit cards only to withdraw cash at ATMs but do not use it for shopping in-stores or online.

What if?

We engage with customers who are transacting at a specific ATM and showcase relevant offers within “x” meters?

This would be far more effective because

  • In the moment, the customer is actively engaging with the bank – at the ATM. The receptivity for any comms from the bank would be very high.
  • The timing and related targeting is perfect for offer-related communication as the customer is holding an active debit card in her hand. We all have heard of customers who have kept their debit cards locked in a safe place. This is NOT that customer.
  • The ATM is a good proxy for location. We use this ATMs location and mesh it with the Offers-Near-Me APIs from mTuzo to deliver the Offers-near-ATM experience
  • As a bank, you can choose from your existing channels to deliver the experience – in-app, SMS, Emails, ATM screen, print out on the ATM chargeslip
  • Smart campaign management from mTuzo – show targeted relevant offers. Do frequency capping.

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